Founded in 1972 by Antonio Ballardini, INTERDRYERS today has 2 production sites for a total of approximately 24,000 m² (of which 7,500 m² are covered)

INTERDRYERS is a company highly committed to the environment and offers a wide range of products compatible with the latest and most eco-friendly refrigeration gases.


In the 1970s, the foundations were laid to transform the small company into a medium-sized production entity known worldwide in its sector. The first relationships with major refrigerator manufacturers were established.


In the 1980s, with a wealth of experience, the company laid the groundwork for its success in the field of supplying cold-related products to businesses, consolidating its leadership position with major companies in the sector in the 1990s.


In the 1990s, INTERDRYERS operated in a market characterized by increasing demand in terms of technology and quality. It responded with daily commitment, combining technology, quality, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and very short response times. All of this allowed it to establish a true consultancy-collaboration relationship with customers for optimal and competitive solutions.

During this period, INTERDRYERS became a supplier to renowned global OEMs (Ariston, Indesit, Whirlpool, General Electric, Sanyo, Liebherr, Electrolux, …).

2000s – 2010s

These were the years of a turning point.
From being primarily focused on the Italian and European markets, INTERDRYERS transformed into a global company that internationalized its product and became the main supplier to major global domestic refrigerator manufacturers.

A strategic vision oriented toward innovation and the use of automated production facilities, coupled with the ability to meet customer needs, allowed it to increase its market share and become a global reference in the production of desiccant filters.


Today, INTERDRYERS, thanks to substantial investments, is equipped with the most modern equipment for the construction of desiccant filters and refrigeration accumulators, meeting all specifications provided by international standards and customers for the production of refrigeration circuit components.

The Future

The future is focused on continuous improvement of products and processes through innovation, organization, and collaboration with customers, in a synergistic effort for product development.

MISSION: To be specialists in the production of desiccant filters for the world’s leading OEM manufacturers.

GOALS: BIG 3 I – Internationalization, Innovation, Investments.